Cairns Veteran Business Network

Read the CVBN brief

Cairns RSL Sub Branch seeks your support in developing our new Cairns Veterans Business Network (CVBN)

We are most cognisant that we do not wish to replicate anything other business support agency already provide. We are about partnership and collaboration with existing services/programs, not replicating them and draining existing resources. Further, we recognise the expertise and organisational strength existing agencies provide, therefore wish to be a collaborative partner of that strength, rather than parallel to it.

In brief the CVBN below is:
1. NOT another discount scheme.
2. NOT created to replicate the Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Association.
3. Established to link and support Cairns based Veteran Owned or Veteran Friendly Businesses.
4. Established to meet our RSL Objects and Caring For Our Defence Family.

So what is a Veteran Friendly Business? This is a Business that continually employees at least one Veteran or Veteran owned.

To enable us to reach as many Veteran owned or Veteran friendly businesses as we can, we would welcome you to contact us with the details of any Veteran Business or Veteran Friendly Business that you are aware of. or 4051 5254

Sincere thank you for your time in assisting the Sub Branch in establishing greater collaborative partnerships and support for businesses that assist in Caring For Our Defence Family



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