Andy Dunn


Joining the Regular Army in 1990, Andy transitioned to the Reserves in 2017, he is currently serving with the 51st Battalion Far North Queensland Regiment which is of great importance to him. Andy is now looking to expand his involvement and experience in other avenues whilst maintaining a connection to his service.

In achieving the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1, within the Australian Intelligence Corps, Analyst Intelligence Operations, his military career has given him significant experience in the area of maintaining personnel, equipment compliance and maintenance. Andy understands and has experience in developing, maintaining and reviewing compliance/governance records to ensure workplace operational integrity.

Throughout his career Andy has been both a team member and mentor. These experiences have enhanced his awareness of group dynamics and methods of dealing with conflict. The ability to work both as a member of a team and autonomously is essential in any organisation. He has worked within teams of various sizes and with various objectives, and has always enjoyed a good rapport with work colleagues.

Andy believes he has the attributes and capacity to serve those who no longer serve and the community in general. Although sometimes struggling with the environment outside of the Military, he has had some success within sporting organisations. For this reason he now feels ready to take on the role of Board Director for the Cairns RSL Sub Branch.



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