Cairns RSL Sub Branch President Resigns

At the Cairns Sub Branch Inc Board meeting last night, 24/03/2020, the Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Kristen Rice from the position of President.

At the meeting Mr Peter Hayton (Vice President) was appointed by unanimous vote to the position of Acting President until the next AGM, currently scheduled for 28th June 2020.

Leading up to the 28th June 2020, AGM nominations for the position of President will be sought and a new President elected.

Mr Hayton stated that he personally thanked Ms. Rice  for her service as President for the past twelve months, and wished her well into the future. “Kristen’s decision was hers alone, due to her own personal reasons, and I have also sent Kristen a personal letter of recognition and thanks for her work.” Mr Hayton said.

Given the unique COVID-19 Emergency situation we find ourselves in, we are unable to hold a Special General Meeting to elect a new President in a short time,  therefore the next best option is to wait for the 28th June AGM.  I want to thank the Directors for the trust that they have shown in appointing me as Acting President and can wholeheartedly reassure all our members that the Board and Staff of the Sub Branch are demonstrating Leadership in times of adversity, and are hard at work to ensure that the Sub Branch survives this biggest social dislocation since WW2.” He said.



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