Have you ever thought about owing your own business?

At some point, most of us have considered the idea of being their own boss. Every day people around the world quit thinking about starting a business and actually do it. The idea of working for yourself or becoming self-employed resonates with a lot of people.

Although running your own business will have it’s challenges like any job, there are a number of reasons why you should own your own business:

You’re the one in control

You have the choices and you get to make the decisions.

You get to build something

When you own your own business, you get to shape and flesh out your dreams.

You get to help people

A survey carried out of small business owners found that 96% found that being able to help their customers was one of the top benefits of owning a small business. Small businesses also help people by creating jobs in their communities.

You have the option of a more flexible lifestyle

People who are close to retirement or already retired may find owning their own business gives them both the chance to keep their hands in and to do something satisfying.

You might change the world

So okay, changing the world is a pretty ambitious target, but changing just one client or customers life for the better is still a worthwhile effort that can be deeply satisfying.

You might make more money

Most successful small businesses provide their owners with a living, not a fortune. But the point is, owning your own business opens up the possibility of making more than you could possibly make as an employee.

 Other benefits of owning your own business

People who are self-employed have the advantage of enjoying income tax breaks, such as hiring other family members and income-splitting.

Waking up on a Monday smiling!

Running your own business can have you up early and eager to start work rather than dragging yourself into someone else’s business.

With that being said, a great opportunity has come up for a veteran interested in owning their own business.

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