Kapani is a Veteran owned and Veteran operated business, which was established in 2012.

Over the last few years Kapani has been running a program called the Kapani Warrior Program (KWP).  This program has been funded through the National Indigenous Australian Agency.  The program has been delivered in a number of communities with a number of successes.  The Kapani Warrior Program was created by highly qualified veterans to cognitively restructure the thinking of participants to see ‘the warrior’ as a provider and protector, rather than an aggressor.   Through role modelling and visual exposure, the Kapani Warrior Program motivates participants to acknowledge their own warrior qualities which are reinforced and rewarded within the program group.

The programs is delivered to the participants (and specifically taught by veterans) using the tools and techniques given to veterans during their time in the Defence Force and through further study.

Kapani believes, that the role of ongoing positive relationships, care and mentoring are fundamental to their success.

Through learning and experiences, Kapani recognised a need for more help and support to be available to the veteran community, to help with moving forward with their lives and with personal well-being as well as that of veterans families.

In 2021, Kapani created Kapani Stand Down, and received funding through DVA to deliver 7 x 3 day camps for veterans to attend.  The goal of Kapani Stand Down is to provide a community driven program that creates a safe, accessible environment for veterans to create new connections, engage in social and community activities, that promotes healthy lifestyles and improves overall well-being and to deliver veteran-focused activities such as yoga, water sports/activities and well-being exercises and great cooking aiming at achieving specific objectives.

If you are interested in attending a future Kapani Stand Down Camp please contact Dave Harrison – daveharrison@kapani.com.au, the next Kapani Stand Down Camp is 8,9,10 February 2022.









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