Australian Gunners Vietnam Lapel Pin


In September 1965, the Australian 105th Field Battery was deployed to Vietnam. The desperate fighting at Long Tan shortly after the Task Force’s arrival demonstrated very clearly the value of artillery support to an infantry force in peril. So dire was the situation and throughout the terrible hours of fighting the guns kept up a constant fire as they broke up enemy attacks and struck at likely concentration and forming-up areas. Long Tan confirmed that, as long as they were within range of the guns, patrols could be sent deep into enemy territory and in the years to follow artillery became an integral part of battalion operations. The artillery operated in support of infantry patrolling outside the immediate vicinity of Nui Dat through the establishment of fire support bases. These bases allowed operations to take place well away from the main Task Force. The last Australian artillerymen, the 104th Battery, left Vietnam in December 1971.

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