East Timor Caribou Badge


20mm 3D antique brass lapel badge. Following the island’s invasion by Indonesia in 1975 and its subsequent occupation and fight for freedom, a vote for independence in 1999 led to a campaign of violence by pro-Indonesian militias. These were supported by elements of Indonesia’s security forces. A multinational peacekeeping force was deployed – the International Force for East Timor, operating in accordance with UN resolutions. Led by Australia’s Major General Peter Cosgrove, Australian troops helped restore peace and security, and humanitarian assistance began. The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) played a vital role moving cargo and passengers. The RAN and RAAF were also responsible for air traffic control fire-fighting, communications, security cargo handling, medical evacuations and sea operations. Australia remains the largest contributor of personnel to the peacekeeping mission.

Profits from the sale of this badge assist Veteran Care.

Photo: Courtesy of Military Shop

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