Workhorse of the Sky Vietnam Lapel Pin


The Iroquois helicopter is synonymous with the Vietnam War. The “Huey” was a low-fling, slow-flying, easily maneuvered airship often referred to as the “Workhorse of the Air”. They could hover just above the ground or drop into clearings only slightly larger than their rotor sweep. They were easy to get in and out of tight situations. “Huey’s” with their signature whoop, whoop, whoop sound were used to evacuate casualties, deliver food and supplies and transport infantrymen and their combat support to be deployed over long distance into an area of operations, with the added operational advantage that the force could be quickly redeployed to another area to meet a changed situation. For the infantry based Australian Army this was a revolutionary development that greatly increased the operational capability of each infantry battalion.

The purchase of this badge shows your support for those who have courageously fought for our freedom.

Profits from the sale of this badge assist Veteran Care.

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